Whoa, thanks for getting here : )
Answer whatever you want, the fact that you are here is awesome enough for me to make anything mandatory.
Anonymous unless you wan to leave contact details at the end.
Off we go
Is the topic of client / agency relationships worth writing a book about?

Are the main ideas clear? How would you play them back in a couple of paragraphs?

Anyone you think I should talk to about the topic, why and can you introduce me?

Any material (other books, blog posts, etc) I should read about?

Any area that you think the book should cover or focus more on?

If you were to buy it the book, would you prefer...

How would you describe your professional experience...

Which revision of the book is the feedback about?

If you want to leave me the opportunity to seek for clarification or dig deeper into some of your answers please leave name and email. Under strict confidentiality by default, of course.

Anything else that you want to add?

You ROCK : )

Thanks a bunch.

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